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Red Wolf

Writer's Block: Tea for two

Posted on 2011.11.16 at 13:14
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If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would it be and what would the two of you do?

Fenrir Greyback from Harry Potter.

Unlike the author of that little gem, I'm sure Fenrir's self-esteem is all right without the Dark Mark. In fact, I get the sense that he would not appreciate being branded as property in the least. It is rather difficult to maintain the proper intimidating image in front of your moronic Snatcher lackeys, however, without the coveted ability to summon the Dark Lord to your side.

We all seem to think that these "bad guys" have valid reasons in their pasts to justify their actions, and really they all just want to be loved, right? Awww. Well, I'm pretty sure that aside from being loved, in this or that sense of the word, Fenrir wants to break your bones and pick his teeth with the shards of your ribs. It's part werewolf-instinct (or they wouldn't need Wolsfbane to calm them the fuck down during the full moon), but when Fenrir is in human form and mauling someone's face off, taunting Dumbledore with it and asking if it shocks and frightens him? He's doing it on purpose. He wants to shock and frighten. You can almost hear him thinking, 'all right, if you want something to fear and hate, I'll give you something to fear and hate. I'll show you what hate is.'

And that's what's fascinating about Fenrir, in my not-so-humble opinion. He's an intelligent character, too, as I think is demonstrated by the contrast of his dialogue with that of Scabior, who drops his aitches. So I would spend my day with Fenrir... add some whiskey and we're going to have a bar-fight or a really fucking deep conversation about society's ills. I just. don't. know.